4 Reasons to Lease A Vehicle With an Auto Broker

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Benefits of Leasing a Vehicle from an Auto Broker


Before we get into why you should lease your next vehicle from an auto broker instead of a dealership let’s first define what an auto broker does.


An auto broker manages the process of buying or leasing a vehicle on behalf of a customer. This includes finding the vehicle, negotiating the price, delivering the final paperwork, and securing financing, if necessary. In other words, an auto broker delivers the best price for a customer with the lease amount of hassle.


You now may be asking, “Why don’t I always lease or buy my cars through an auto broker?” Well, here are five reasons to never deal with a car dealership on your own.


1.) Auto Brokers Save You Hours of Time

Whether it be locating the exact vehicle you want down to the package, or negotiating the best deal possible, an auto broker will make sure you don’t spend a full day at the dealership. Auto brokers are professional car buyers and negotiators. Not only will an auto broker get a better deal for you, but an auto broker will also be able to find the car you want without you spending countless hours or days doing so yourself.


2.) Ease of Mind

Unlike car salesman, auto brokers are not there to nickel and dime you. An auto broker typically makes his or her money through volume rather than car salesman who only make money off commission. A car salesman will do anything they can to get you into a vehicle that will benefit their financial needs. An auto broker will do all he or she can to get you into the car you want for the price you want because their goal is just to sell a car, regardless of the price.


3.) Auto Brokers Save You Money

Auto brokers have professional relationships with car dealers. They are able to secure discounted pricing on all of their vehicles from these dealers. Some auto brokers have more relationships than others. These auto brokers would most definitely get you the best price possible because of the ability to negotiate between competing dealerships.


4.) Vehicle Delivery

With the influx of delivery services in the world why not have a vehicle you just leased or purchased get delivered directly to you? Here at CAL Auto Group we personally deliver all of our vehicles to our customers. It is a customary practice that some auto brokers take part in, but CAL Auto Group makes it a standard to deliver your car to your office or home. A car dealership will never deliver your car. In fact, they may even charge you extra to transfer a vehicle from another dealership.


Next time you are interested in purchasing or leasing a vehicle, don’t make the mistake of walking into a car dealership without contacting an auto broker. That is, unless you like to spend more money and time than you need too. Even if you are in a terrible lease agreement now you can still contact an auto broker and get out of that poor lease and get into a better one.


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