Looking to lease a car? What about purchasing a new or used car? Look no farther! Cal Auto Group can help with your vehicle leasing services and buying needs!

CAL Auto Group makes sure that you will never have to struggle to find the vehicle you want. Everyone knows it is very difficult to decide on a vehicle to drive for three years on a lease or even to purchase and drive for numerous years. CAL Auto Group will not only help you decide the car you would like based on your needs and budget, but CAL will also deliver the vehicle to your house.

Gone are the days of spending hours at the dealership negotiating with salesman and signing thousands of papers. CAL provides the most transparent vehicle leasing services and auto buying in California!

Vehicle Leasing Services

Our process is simple:

1.) Give CAL Auto Group a call or e-mail.

2.) Provide CAL Auto Group with your vehicle preferences and budget.

3.) Provide your preferences of colors and packages.

4.) Sit back and have CAL Auto Group take care of negotiations.

5.) Have your vehicle delivered to your work or home and sign the final papers.

Purchasing or leasing a vehicle does not need to be difficult.  Please contact us today for the best deal possible.