CAL Auto Brokers Provide Free Delivery and the Best Deals on Vehicle Leases

CAL auto group is a licensed auto brokerage firm that offers deep discounts on vehicle leases and purchases. CAL Auto Group’s auto brokers have been serving all of Los Angeles for the past decade. We pride ourselves on being the most transparent auto brokerage firm in the country. We guarantee our customers get the best deals on their car lease or best the financing if they choose to purchase a vehicle.

CAL Auto Group has the best pricing on any vehicle (BMW, Mercedes Benz, FIAT, Nissan, Toyota, Maserati, etc.) because of our trustworthy relationships and our transparent business practices with dealerships all across Los Angeles. CAL Auto Group services Los Angeles and all surrounding areas!

Learn More about the Benefits of Leasing through an Auto Broker

If you have yet to lease a vehicle through an auto broker, read our blog that discusses the four reasons why leasing or purchasing a vehicle is much more beneficial than going through a car dealer.”

Don’t waste hours in a dealership only to be offered a bait and switch on the advertisement you saw in the newspaper. With CAL Auto Group’s auto brokers, we will work closely with you throughout the lifetime of your vehicle lease or purchase and ensure that you walk away with the best deal possible.